Weekend Workshops

Dhrish intends to organize Photography Workshops, twice a month, which shall be conducted by experienced and well-known Photographers, Academics, Designers, Art Directors, Writers, Curators, Film-makers and others who have much to share about the art, craft and business of, not just Photography, but the entire ‘Visuality’ spectrum.

      Focused Group Workshops 

Dhrish shall design and deliver specially focused Workshops for schools, colleges, NGOs and corporates that are tailored to their specific interests and needs. These could be classroom lectures only or also include practical sessions that may even involve travel to specific locations. These workshops could be as basic as ‘how to use your camera’ all the way to genre-specific ones like - street, travel, portrait, food, and others.

    Photo Critique Groups

One of the most effective ways of learning and evolving one’s photography skills and vision is to share work with peers and seniors. In today’s digital times, this seems to be happening mostly through social media, with number of ‘likes’ being the measure of the work. Whereas this may well be one way, Dhrish aims to form Critique Groups that shall meet regularly so that people can share their work and receive frank and productive critiquing of their images from a Mentor and their peers. 

   Analog/Film Photography Workshops

Museo Camera, true to its very reason for existence which is the history and evolution of Photography, shall regularly conduct workshops on film photography, darkroom and printing techniques and alternative processes that, in a very inspiring way, take you back in time to the various pivot points of the medium. Through this, photography enthusiasts will be introduced to the physics, chemistry and the sheer romance of Photography to form a very solid foundation of their contemporary practice, whether amateur or professional.

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