Ashish Chawla

Ashish Chawla is a graduate of Fine Art from the College of Art, Delhi. Jumping into the world of photography right after college, it has been a glorious journey of fashion and beauty and everything exotic.


While his personal work has been exhibited in various solo and group shows across Europe and India, Ashish has successfully worked in commercial photography and his commissioned work has won numerous awards.


Ashish’s love for art and music creates a certain kind of poetry in whatever he sees and captures. He has developed a very graphic and unusual signature style which stands out in all that he does.

Sandeep Bali

Sundeep Bali is a lens-based artist and commercial photographer. Bali was trained to be an arts-management professional. And accorded a US Fulbright Fellowship in visual-arts before he became a full-time photographer. As an artist, Bali has exhibited widely – in India, New Zealand and USA. Commercially,Sundeep shoots art interventions and installations, fashion, beauty, food and locations.


Bali has also been a Hasselblad Masters semi-finalist (2008) which is , perhaps, the best recognition for creative innovation and technical excellence in the world of Photography. He has been accorded the honour of a Global Lens Ambassador for Carl Zeiss, the iconic lens manufacturer, since 2013. He is also an X-Photographer for Fujifilm cameras. As a professional proactively working towards photography education, he has been designing and conducting workshops/photo-expeditions for a wide gamut of audience – from corporate groups, museums to groups of passionate amateurs.

Arjun Kartha

Arjun Kartha is one of India’s best known wedding photographers and the co-founder of Twogether Studios. He is best known for his contemporary and off-beat approach.


His unique and instantly recognisable style is derived from his passion for creating portraits; he loves rich and vibrant colours – two ingredients that are happily in abundance at Indian Weddings. Arjun is also the founder of the Wedding Photographer’s Association of India.

Amitabha Bhattacharya 

Amitabha Bhattacharya is definitely one the most experienced and respected Photography teachers in Delhi. And the path he took to arrive at this is very interesting. He has done a post-grad in Economics, but took over the family business of Ayurvedic medicines to begin with. However, after 18 years left that and became a full-time Professional Photographer and also started a Photography school. It’s this rich and diverse experience of working as a Photographer and teaching for over 20 years in various institutions that he generously shares with his students.


Amitabha specializes in Social Documentary, Wildlife, Dance, People and Places and is thorough in teaching the Fundamentals of Photography.