Sundeep Bali is a lens-based artist and commercial photographer from New Delhi, India. He was trained to be an arts-management professional. And accorded a Fulbright Fellowship in visual-arts before he became a full-time photographer. As an artist Bali has been engaging with and making images around myriad manifestations of culture and heritage in India. This gets coupled with his interests in issues of socio-economic and environmental justice.

As an artist Bali has exhibited widely- around the world and in
India. He has been accorded the honour of a Global Ambassador for Carl Zeiss, the iconic lens-maker and an X-Photographer for Fujifilm.
As a professional proactively working towards imaging education, he has been designing workshops and curating photo - expeditions for a wide gamut of audience since 2006.
Sundeep is also a faculty member at NIFT(National Institute of
Fashion Technology), Delhi and SACAC(Sri Aurobindo Centre for
Arts and Communication).
Insights from mentoring Art of Storytelling at the Museo
‘Inspiration is infectious' is the singular premise on which, I have
come to believe, education in arts can be efficacious.
Storytelling is unique to humanity. But it also has the unique
power to make us more humane through empathy and imagination
- the essential skills for crafting a compelling story.
I was invited by the Museo Camera to work with the school students from urban- villages of Gurgaon. And then with resident
youngsters(school and even college students) from the village of
Churi-Ajitgarh in Shekhawati.  The objective is to get the participants conversant with essential technical know-how and aesthetic framework of Photography minus any complexity.
And then get them on the ground to see, observe and make images through the cameras on i-phones. Phone-cameras offer an unparalleled opportunity to create intimate stories that may resonate universally. The participants have surprised us with engaging stories of people their life, preoccupations, trades and more- week after week. And these stories might also serve as an archive of these fast changing villages that may metamorphize beyond recognition in
coming years.

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