Photography for beginners 


Duration: 4 Weekends

Time: 11am- 1pm
All sessions will be held online via Zoom.

Course Contents

Part 1 : Camera Controls & Creativity

We will cover how a camera works and how to make it work for you in a visually expressive way. To use your camera to its full capability you have to be familiar with camera functions and various accessories related to it to enhance the experience of Photography. Another important aspect of photography is controlling or getting the exposure right because it determines how light or dark an image is and what mood it conveys.

• Parts of the Camera and their Functioning
• Digital sensors - Crop factors/Full Frame
• Range of Lenses
• How to use a DSLR
• Exposure Triangle and its significance
• Technical: Aperture/Shutter Speed/ ISO
• Metering modes
• Focus Modes & Focus points
• White balance

Part 2 : Understanding Photographs

We will focus on why certain images "work" and discuss the importance of proportion in photographic composition, starting off with a discussion of the photographic frame, and then moving onto a subject placement, as well as going to more specific forms of proportion such as balance, the rule of thirds, and other compositional rules. Students will also learn various ways of executing these concepts including the use of fore/mid/backgrounds.

• Introduction to Rules of Composition (Rule of thirds, Leading Lines. Patterns, Balance, Point of View, Framing)
• Colour and Black & White Photography
• Analysis of Photographs or How to Read Photographs

Course Fees: Rs 6,999 + 18% GST 

Total: Rs. 8258/-


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