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The Art of Seeing , Advanced Photography Course

A course for those passionate about Photography and having learnt the controls and practiced the techniques, want to delve into the aesthetic and conceptual framework. Ideal for those who have learnt the craft and want to evolve to the art-form of photography.

 Weekend Workshops

Dhrish organizes Photography Workshops, that are conducted by experienced and well-known Photographers, Academics, Designers, Art Directors, Writers, Curators, Film-makers and others who have much to share about the art, craft and business of, not just Photography, but the entire ‘Visuality’ spectrum.

Focused Group Workshops 

Dhrish can design and deliver specially focused Workshops for schools, colleges, NGOs and corporates that are tailored to specific interests and needs. These could be only classroom lectures or also include practical sessions that may even involve travel to specific locations. These workshops could be as basic as ‘how to use your camera’ all the way to genre-specific ones like - street, travel, portrait, food, and others.

 Photo Critique Groups

One of the most effective ways of learning and evolving one’s photography skills and vision is to share work with peers and seniors. In today’s digital times, this seems to be happening mostly through social media, with number of ‘likes’ being the measure of the work. Whereas this may well be one way, Dhrish aims to form Critique Groups that shall meet regularly so that people can share their work and receive frank and productive critiquing of their images from a Mentor and their peers. 

 Analog/Film Photography Workshops

Museo Camera, true to its very reason for existence which is the history and evolution of Photography, shall regularly conduct workshops on film photography, darkroom and printing techniques and alternative processes that, in a very inspiring way, take you back in time to the various pivot points of the medium. Through this, photography enthusiasts will be introduced to the physics, chemistry and the sheer romance of Photography to form a very solid foundation of their contemporary practice, whether amateur or professional.

Cyanotype workshops

Museo Camera is an institution which celebrates the historicity and evolution of photography and in keeping with the spirit of the museum, we are going to regularly conducting workshops to teach historical printing processes. 


Foundation Photography Course

Part : 1 Camera Controls and Creativity

We will cover how camera works and how to make it work for you in a visually expressive way. To use your camera to its full capability you’ve got to be familiar with Camera functions and various accessories related to camera
to enhance the experience of Photography. And the other Most important aspects of photography is controlling or getting the exposure right because
it determines how light or dark an image is and what mood it conveys.


  • Different Types of Cameras

  • Digital vs. Film Camera

  • Parts of the Camera and their Functioning

  • Digital sensors- CCD and COMS

  • Crop factors/Full Frame

  • Study on Lenses

  • Camera Accessories and their use -External Flash, Tripod, Filters,         Remote Control, Storage devices etc.

  • How to use DSLR

  • Technical: Aperture/ Aperture setting

  • Technical: Sutter Speed/ Sutter Speed setting

  • Technical: ISO/ISO setting

  • Auto Focus- Focus Modes

  • Bracketing/Auto Exposure Combination

  • Metering

  • White balance

Part: 2 - Understand Photographs

We'll focus on why certain images just "work" and discuss the importance of proportion in photographic composition, starting off with a discussion of the photographic frame, and then moving onto subject placement, and then going to more specific forms of proportion such as balance, the rule of thirds, golden ratio and its variants. Students will also learn various ways of executing these concepts including use of fore/mid/backgrounds. We shall also understand Colour management and Analysis of Photographs.


  • Element of Designs

  • Introduction of Composition Rules (Framing, Simplicity, Rule of thirds, Leading Lines, Patterns, Balance, Avoiding Mergers)

  • Understand Negative and Positive Space

  • Colour Theory

  • Zone System

  • Colour Photography, Black & White Photography

  • Portraiture Study

  • Landscape Study

  • Analysis of Photographs or How to Read Photographs

Course Activities

(Course activities vary from course to course and instructor to instructor. Below is a listing of some
of the activities students can anticipate in this course).

  • Lectures           Videos/Films           •  Slideshows

  • Simulation activities /Class Room Exercise

  • •.  Assignments (Theory and Practical)

Output of the Course
  • By the end of this module, students will be able to identify modern camera designs and capabilities, recognize the most common photography lenses and their uses. from prime to wide angle to fish eye to telephoto to macro

  •  Identify key photography accessories and their uses (Filters, Tripod, monopods, cable release, flashes and exposure meters.

  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of digital photography versus film, describe the key elements of digital images,
    and recognize the differences between colour modes, Identify safe and efficient printing and storage techniques.

  • Understand Aperture, depth of field, multi metering mode, use Bracketing.

  • Understand the key aspects of professional photography, recognize key exposure modes, employ effective shutter speed techniques.

  • Identify key differences between shooting in Black & White and Colour Photography.

  • Recognize the importance of Different filters.

  • Recognize the importance of photography in everyday life and professional possibilities.

3. Talks On Photography

Museo Camera and Dhrish Academy shall host Talks by Mid-Career Photographers as well as Icons in the industry., These talks would, essentially, focus on the Photographers experiences, life/career story and significant projects they have worked on. 


Permanent and Visiting Faculty

An eminent commercial and travel photographer, Aditya Arya began professional photography in 1980 after graduating in History from the St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. In addition to his wide-ranging Commercial and Travel portfolio, his work has been published widely in books and travel magazines around the world


He divides his time between his photography archive and Museo Camera - the only Photography and Camera Museum in India. With more than 2000 rare and iconic cameras and other equipment, this museum traces the history of photography from the 1870s to the Digital Era.


He has been on the Jury of the National Art Exhibition 2014 organized by Lalit Kala Akademi and many other national shows. He has also curated several shows of archival and contemporary visual works, both nationally and internationally. He was most recently a mentor at Habitat Photosphere, a photography initiative by Visual Arts Galley, India Habitat Centre., and a Guest Fellow and Curator at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

Aditya Arya


Dinesh Khanna

Dinesh Khanna has been working as a Professional Photographer for 30 years with an eclectic blend of commercial and personal work. For advertising and corporate clients, he has been shooting food, people and interiors, and also CSR projects. Whereas his personal work has been published as acclaimed books like ‘Bazaar’ and ‘Living Faith.’ The latest books he has worked on are - “Right of the Line – The President’s Bodyguard” and “Life in Rashtrapati Bhawan’ which have been commissioned by the Rashtrapati Bhawan and Sahapedia. Over the years his work has also been shown in solo and group shows in galleries from Delhi to New York and Varanasi to San Francisco.


Dinesh is a Managing Trustee of Nazar Foundation, and one of the Co-founders of the Delhi Photo Festival and also one of the Photography Curators for the first 2 editions of the Serendipity Arts Festival. He has also taught Photography in various institutions, conducts workshops and is a Visual Consultant with Sahapedia. He is now one of the Directors of Museo Camera’s Dhrish Academy for Photography & Visual Studies.

Parthiv is a photographer, film maker and a graphic designer. He has made several documentary films, curated exhibitions and has several photo-books to his credit. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, India, he was invited as visiting scholar at the SOAS, London University and at the University of California, Davis. Growing up in a family of artists and through his own professional training, he brings an interesting intersection of art, photography and design to his work. He has been awarded a senior fellowship in Photography by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Charles Wallace Fellowship, UK and Fulbright Lectureship award to teach photography at the UCLA, USA.

He is the Founder-Director of Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC). He has been teaching photography and film as a visiting faculty at the NID, Ambedkar University and Jamia Milia Islmia University. Lately Parthiv has been particularly interested and engaged in working on the issue of image perception and representation. His visual journeys have led him into working with communities which are finding a mainstream voice. 

Parthiv Shah


Ashish Chawla

Ashish Chawla is a graduate of Fine Art from the College of Art, Delhi. Jumping into the world of photography right after college, it has been a glorious journey of fashion and beauty and everything exotic.


While his personal work has been exhibited in various solo and group shows across Europe and India, Ashish has successfully worked in commercial photography and his commissioned work has won numerous awards.


Ashish’s love for art and music creates a certain kind of poetry in whatever he sees and captures. He has developed a very graphic and unusual signature style which stands out in all that he does.

Arjun Kartha

Arjun Kartha is one of India’s best known wedding photographers and the co-founder of Twogether Studios. He is best known for his contemporary and off-beat approach.


His unique and instantly recognisable style is derived from his passion for creating portraits; he loves rich and vibrant colours – two ingredients that are happily in abundance at Indian Weddings. Arjun is also the founder of the Wedding Photographer’s Association of India.


Sandeep Bali

Sundeep Bali is a lens-based artist and commercial photographer. Bali was trained to be an arts-management professional. And accorded a US Fulbright Fellowship in visual-arts before he became a full-time photographer. As an artist, Bali has exhibited widely – in India, New Zealand and USA. Commercially, Sundeep shoots art interventions and installations, fashion, beauty, food and locations.


Bali has also been a Hasselblad Masters semi-finalist (2008) which is , perhaps, the best recognition for creative innovation and technical excellence in the world of Photography. He has been accorded the honour of a Global Lens Ambassador for Carl Zeiss, the iconic lens manufacturer, since 2013. He is also an X-Photographer for Fujifilm cameras. As a professional proactively working towards photography education, he has been designing and conducting workshops/photo-expeditions for a wide gamut of audience – from corporate groups, museums to groups of passionate amateurs.

Amitabha Bhattacharya 

Amitabha Bhattacharya is definitely one the most experienced and respected Photography teachers in Delhi. And the path he took to arrive at this is very interesting. He has done a post-grad in Economics, but took over the family business of Ayurvedic medicines to begin with. However, after 18 years left that and became a full-time Professional Photographer and also started a Photography school. It’s this rich and diverse experience of working as a Photographer and teaching for over 20 years in various institutions that he generously shares with his students.


Amitabha specializes in Social Documentary, Wildlife, Dance, People and Places and is thorough in teaching the Fundamentals of Photography.


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